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Professor in cave
Professor Solomon enters the Inner Earth

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Visitors to
the Inner Earth

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True tales (or so it was claimed)
of subterranean journeys

KING HERLA in the cavern of the dwarfs
ENKIDU and his descent into Sheol
ORPHEUS and ÆNEAS in Hades
SIR OWEN in Purgatory
CUCHULAIN in Tir-nan-Og
REUBEN and the mikvah stairway
REVEREND KIRK and his abduction
RICHARD SHAVER and the Deros
OLAF JANSEN and the polar opening
APOLLONIUS OF TYANA in the Abode of the Wise Men
LOBSANG RAMPA beneath the Himalayas
DOREAL and the mysteries of Mount Shasta
GUY BALLARD and the Ascended Masters
CAPTAIN SEABORN and his voyage to Symzonia
WALTER SIEGMEISTER and the Atlantean tunnels
DIANNE ROBBINS and the Library of Porthologos

And other visitors to the hidden depths of the earth

300 pages. Illustrated.

Free download of entire book:
(6 MB file)

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