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Japan in a Nutshell

“Across the sea is the land of Japan. With its ancient shrines, sumo wrestlers, Zen masters, capsule hotels, Laughing Festival, fortunetelling birds, haiku masters, phantom foxes, mania for bathing, musical crickets, tea masters, Living National Treasures, Moon Viewing Night, bowing etiquette, Festival of the Dead, dream-eating Baku, samurai films, Fuji pilgrims, and robots, it is unlike anywhere else in the world. Let me tell you about it.”
—Professor Solomon

At last, the unknown Japan. The traditional Japan. The real Japan.

In this erudite yet entertaining work, the Professor explores a Japan of which
few of us are aware.

For a tour of a unique culture—a fascinating look at its diverse ways and wonders—join him.

151 pages. Illustrated.

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Paperback Edition available from Amazon.com

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