How to Find Lost Objects Cover

“Lost? Found! ‘Professor’ Solomon
and his 12-Principle strategy.”
—Washington Post

“his seminal work”
—London Times

“How to find anything you’ve
lost…a rib-tickling new book.”
—Weekly World News


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How to Find Lost Objects

In this practical yet entertaining work,
the Professor shows how to track down
anything that’s been misplaced.
Keys, cash, documents, jewelry,
household items— all can be located
with ease, using his method.
reader on a comprehensive tour of
the art of finding. You’ll learn about:

the Three C’s
Pocket Gobble
the Camouflage Effect
Saint Anthony
Grandma’s Principle

the Eureka Zone
Domestic Drift
the Cool Once-over
the Basic Blunder
the Valley of Lost Things
phantom possessions

Plus Freud on why we misplace
things…Sherlock Holmes and
the Three C’s…a photo-fable
(“Betsy Finds Her Keys”)
…advice on lost luggage…
instructions for making a Eureka-Stik
…and more. For anyone who
regularly—or even occasionally—
misplaces things, Professor Solomon’s
book will prove invaluable.

122 pages. Illustrated.

Paperback Edition available from

Kindle Edition also available from

Free download of entire book:
(4 MB file)

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