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How to Make the Most
of a Flying Saucer

Finally, a useful book about UFOs.
(Or so the author claims.)
It’s Professor Solomon’s
guide to UFOs—his comprehensive study
of the flying saucer phenomenon.

In this scholarly yet entertaining work,
the Professor delves into UFO legend and lore—
particularly that of the “contactees”of the 1950s.

He also presents a biography of George Adamski,
the most controversial (and colorful)
of the contactees.

And he offers practical advice—for readers
about to embark on their own flying saucer experience.

Read this book and be ready—for your ride
in a UFO.

“The professor of fun is back…a little
more ‘out there’ than ‘Lost Objects.’”
—Baltimore Sun

209 pages. Illustrated.

Free download of entire book:
(3.5 MB file)

Paperback Edition available from

The Professor is currently aboard a UFO—visiting his friends from Outer Space. To view him, click on SaucerCam.

The Man Who Invented
Flying Saucers: Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer and Fate Magazine

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